Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Wish to relax your muscles & damaged soft tissues throughout the body...?

If so, then a Hot Stone Massage Therapy is precisely what you require.

Similar to most massaging techniques; our hot stone massage therapy in Exeter proves very effective in relieving soreness and helping to relax the muscle tension existing inside the body.

What To Expect During Your 1st Session?

During your hot stone massage session; flat, smooth and heated stones are placed upon certain parts of your body. These massaging stones are typically made of basalt (a type of volcanic rock which helps retain heat).

Hot massaging stones are often heated in between 130-145 degrees. And they are placed -

  • Right along the spine
  • Upon your stomach
  • On your palms
  • On your face
  • Upon your chest
  • On your toes and feet

Ready For Your 1st Hot Stone Therapy Massage?