Cupping Massage

Cupping massage is a therapy derived from the ancient Chinese, Egyptian & Middle Eastern Cultures. And keeping in mind its wide-ranging benefits; this type of massage is quiet trending nowadays.

They are performed using different methods namely - Wet & Dry.

What To Expect?

During the massage session, our cupping massage therapists in Exeter will add some inflammable substance - (like alcohol or herbs) into a cup and set it on fire. Once this fire disappears, they will place the cup facing downward upon the targeted skin surface.

As the air within the cup cools down, it creates a vacuum and this in turn causes the skin to rise and become red simply due to its blood vessels expanding. Typically, this cup is left in place on the skin surface for approximately 3-4 minutes at best.

Is It Painful?

Cupping massage therapy is quiet relaxing and doesn't involve any kind of pain. The only sensation that you will feel is that of the cup being pulled from your skin via rolling vacuum suction.

Typically, you will experience some warmth and skin redness once the cup gets lifted mainly because of an increasing flow of blood towards the target area.

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